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You have always strived to be at the forefront of the design industry by creating high-quality, unique and timeless pieces. Now, let us accompany you in your growth journey. GestaltD helps high-end, luxury furniture brands and home furnishings manufacturers to reach interior design professionals and increase sales.


Access to Designers

Gain access to a large pool of designers instantly!

Industry professionals are increasingly buying products online. By joining us, you have instant access to our designers. We provide advanced analytics for better customer insights.

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Brand Promotion

Our dedicated staff is here for you every step of the way. Be it local or nation-wide, online or on-ground, we provide services to promote your trade-only furniture and home furnishings products to designers.

Enjoy More Sales at Better Margins

Enhance your sales by expanding your reach to online commerce. Plus, e-commerce offers improved bottom line compared to traditional sales.

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It’s All About Timing!

Online home furnishing sales have continued to grow rapidly over the last five years. Go beyond brick and mortar by joining our community of exclusive trade-only furniture and home furnishing brands. GestaltD lets you stay ahead of the trend!

Why Partner with Us?

We are the leading online platform for the interior design industry, bringing curated high-end luxury furniture and home products and top interior designers together in an exclusive platform. Join our A-list community!

We provide several services to our partners to help achieve their sales growth – Marketing, Product On-boarding and Project Procurement is just the base line. Our team offers logistics and shipping services as well.


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